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Need a bit of advice about our Sooty.

This morning she did a poo which was strung together and measured about 10cm. Mum spotted it in one of our litter trays and took it out and broke it up. It was fur that was stringing it together. Now our Sooty gets brushed every night and loves being brushed too. Is there anything I can recommend to our 2 foots to stop this because they are worried about statis as she does seem to periodically have this?

Any advice will be appreciated.

She is playing around eating and drinking and noseying but our 2 foots take the view prevention is better than cure.


Jetty and Snowy xxx
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I think that most of us have these from time to time, and as long as we pass them through then there's nothing to worry about. As long as you are groomed regularly and you don't get felt pads on your feet that can be chewed off and swallowed then Sooty should be fine
As the resident eggspert on long stringy poops (do you remember my 72cm offering of last summer?) I've emailed you.

Maddie X
Wot? Hab yoo emayled her a long sebenty too fingy poo? Can I hab one as well?

I've kept my original. Would you like it?
Hmm, maybe you shuld keep it. I'd like my own but I dont want to get ill.

If you change your mind, just let me know and I'll send it to you. It's still in one piece!

Maddie X
Ms. No Nonsense has a record sized poo in a jar and shows it to new bun owners. She wanted to preserve it somehow - putting shellac on it or something...
Mine's dried out and shrunk a little now. I knew I couldn't trust mum to look after it.
I remember this Maddie. Thanks for your email

Our 2 foots are taking Sooty to see Uncle Darren tonight. There is definately something not quite right. She not quite her usual self, like Uncle Shaun says Sooty is usually the life and sole of the party but she isn't, she usually rushes to her fresh on hay when our litter trays are changed in a morning and usually nosey's at what Snowy is getting cos he gets his litter tray first before our two come, but she didn't. She ate some dandylions and a bit of hay but doesn't seem to drink and she can drink like our cactus plant, she keeps sticking her tongue out, Mum's syringed some water down to help. Mum thinks she can detect a slight head tilt again.
So even if she comes round whilst Mum and Dad are at werk and nothing is wrong Mum would rather look silly at the vets and get reassurance i think.

Love Jetty xxxx

We all agree this is the right thing to do - our health problems can develop very quickly.

Mum says the first thing she'd check is hydration levels then gently palpate her abdomen if you can, feel intestinal contents and look for any tender spots. Sticking her tongue out sounds odd - is her mouth OK? Unless she's a Frenchy, we're guessing your mum probably won't be able to slip a finger inside to feel around.

Your mum won't look silly at the vets - and any bunny-savvy vet will know that a bun who's not eating needs to be checked sooner rather than later.

We'll all keep our paws crossed in the hope she's OK and perhaps even perks up during the day.

Nurse Maddie X
If her tummy gets rumbly, you can give her some Pediatric simethecome (infant gas drops). They won't harm her (they don't interact with the blood, just the stuff in the tummy). I like having my tummy rubbed starting from under my shoulders towards the back end, which helps push any gas out, too.
Mum found a few stringy poos in our litter tray a few days ago. Though not very long so nowhere near as impressive as Maddie's record breaker.
We have noticed that as well as increasing our grooming, she has slightly cut back on our pellets, so we are now eating even more hay, readigrass and veggies.
We are both shedding lots of fluff, especially Misty who has a particularly fluffy winter coat. Mum suspects the poo could have been mine as I spend so much time grroming Misty.

Isn't it embarressing though when they keep inspecting your poo?
wot else is dey useful for?

Mum has an ongoing facsination with inspecting poo.

It must be a 2 foot thing.
I think it's normal - our mum's obsessed with it too.

But, it is nice that they keep such a close eye on us and our digestive systems!
How is she now? Did the vet find anything wrong??

Nurse Maddie X
Maddie, we have updated our journal on behalf of Sooty,
we were keeping an eye on her yesterday so didn't do our journal.

Thanks for asking Maddie, it makes us feel better knowing we have friends out there and we aren't on our own.

Jetty xx
You're never on your own and have lots of friends you can call upon. We'll always help if we can.

Maddie XXX