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Its Come Its Come

Our new bunny card board house has come. Course Jetty had to get get on with the alterations straight away inside and make the hole to the upstairs bigger.

My results are back from the blood Uncle Darren stole from my ear. He told Jetty and Snowy Tuesday night when they went for their myxi boosters that I am EC Positive and showing an high reading. Jetty and Snowy have decided that its one for all and all for one and are going to have a month of Panacur too in solidarity.

Anyway I am too busy to worry about the results as Snowy showed himself up last night. He was dashing up and down and round and round and flopped down and rolled over onto his back so he was upside down and showed everybun his bottom then rolled back down again and ran off. Not content with doing it once he did it again in full view of Mum and Dad. I was so embarrased after all the eticat I have taught him. Mum and Dad just started laughing, why do 2 foots find things like that amusing?

Love Sooty xxxxx
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