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Dad's In the Wild Bunnies Bad Books

Hello everybun,

Dad is in the bad books with our wild bunny friends. On Saturday he was delivering some post to one of the local farms and he always drives carefully down the lane to see if he can spot any bunnies sunbathing, as they usually play out around the farm. Well there was one in the middle of the lane, soon as he saw the big red van our wild friend stared at the van and dad then did an about turned and ran in front of the van flicking his back paws as hard as he could (just like I do when its Panacur time), Dad said the bunny seemed very annoyed with him for disturbing him.

Mum said he would probably be reported to the rabbit council, if that bunny doesn't report him we will. How many treats do you think we should ask dad for to make amends?

Love Snowy xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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