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Time To Update after so long

Hello Everybun,

Everybun must think we are strangers on the journal after so long away.

Well, we have two new additions to our clan, firstly there is Winston Gerbil, he was rescued from a hotel in Blackpool together with thirty other gerbils, Winston got picked on and bullied by the others so he had to be rehomed on his own, so we adopted him together with Flader-Mouse who had been in rescue so long he thought nobody wanted him. You have to blame our 2 foots for their new names.

Anyway both Snowy and I are okay, Snowy had a sprained paw and had to be confined to barracks for ten days and couldn't go into the front room and run round, Uncle Darren said to let it heal just like a footballer had to let a hamstring heal, he was not happy so he spent his time perfecting his begging for treats routine into a art form. Quite successful, in fact Mum and Dad started calling us a pair of rogues (whatever that means)? Snowy's paw has now fully recovered and he is back to charging round the place and jumping and binkying high in the air (best not tell Uncle Darren).

Its been fun reading all your 25 things and hope to catch up slowly and do our own too.

Jetty xxx
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