March 15th, 2013

Its Been Too Long

Hello Everybun,

We were sorry to hear on facebook yesterday about Cedric hopping over the rainbow bridge , it brought back a lot of memories and it has been so so long, to our shame, since we have been on the Jetty's journal. Its about time we tried to get back into the swing of things.

There are three of us in the clan me Snowy, (apparently I am the rogue of the family - though I am a loveable rogue) because I am always begging for treats, cuddles and toasted tea cakes etc. Mum is putty in my paws!

Our Milly, she is a proper girl! Though she won't have anything to do with me or Dinky. Nobun wants to get on the wrong side of her. Last October we found a lump on her neck with was cancer, this was removed and Auntie Caroline said don't be surprised after the operation Milly might not feel like eating till she comes round, The first thing Milly did when she got home was dive straight into her food. Nothing, and I mean nothing, comes between Milly and her food! Dad says Milly would kick 7 bells out of anybun that crossed her with her size 10 paws!. Now thats what I call a proper doe!

Then there is my little brother Dinky, he is the shy and retiring type, he is very tiny and jet black, he can squeeze into the tiniest spots. Dinky is very strong for his size & can throw anything around even throws his little stool around, Dinky has decided he will try and keep the journal a bit more updated and wants to point out that he four years old now and so is not a 'kit' despite what Mum and Dad say!

Oliver and Twist our canary brothers are pensioners now, they must be 100 (well over 10 in human terms)

So that's our update.

Bye for now and we will get back into writing up Jetty's journal!

Snowy x