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Sooty and Her Visit to Uncle Darren.

Sooty went to see Uncle Darren on Wednesday Evening. Her head was tilting slightly and she wasn't her usual nosey self. Uncle Darren agreed her head was tilting and he put her on her side and she didn't fight him. So he put her on her other side and she corrected him and fought to be upright, so he said there was definate head tilt. Now, she has had problems with statis and head tilt in the past, so, Uncle Darren took (stole in Sooty's words) some blood and said he was sending a sample off to a lab (not sure what this is) he suspects she might be EC Positive but we won't know till it comes back, hopefully he will be wrong. She is most worried because he shaved some fur off her ear and thinks she looks a mess. I tried to style it by licking her ear, but apparently it looks no better according to Sooty. He has given her some antibiotics and a big bottle, which she has to have for 30 days of Pancur, instead of the little dose we have had previously. Next week Snowy and I will be seeing Uncle Darren for our mxyi's so we will know more then, we might also have to have the bottle too istead of the small tube.

Sooty is not eating a great deal but she can manage her treats and dandylions and some hay, and has started to nosey more this morning, so paws crossed she will start feeling better, we want her bossing us about (but don't let on)

If anybun knows of any other food to tempt her to eat better we would be grateful if you could let us know.

Doctors Jetty and Snowy.
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