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Hi Everyone

Sorry we have not written for such a long time. Things have changed here at the clan and I have now been given the task of being head of our jetty clan. Our Jetty left for the bridge three weeks ago, it was very sudden. It left us all shocked and too upset to write. By now he will be sunning himself with our big brother Lochy, little sis Sooty and all the rest of the fine buns over the bridge.

Obviously its hard continuing the training on my own of our 2 foots so I sent Mum and Dad to ask a little girly called Milly to come and give me a hand. Milly has been in rescue for three years of her life, i don't know why because she is very pretty. They told Mum and Dad at the rescue she never sold herself when anybody came, but we think its the 2 foots that never sold themselves to Milly!

Milly has been with us over a week and although she was very shy at first, she is coming out of her shell and joining in. In a week Milly has come on leaps and bounds.

Milly watches me and seems to copy me a lot, which is great cos I feel pretty cool having a doe watch me. Mum says I have to keep my eye on Milly and if she needs any help I am there for her, so I am very proud to be Milly's big brother.

That's all for now

Snowy xxxxx

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