Wouldn't Give Me Any

Hi Sooty here,

Mum is being stingy, she wouldn't give me any of her breakfast, I was climbing on My settee when she came and sat next to me and started eating something called museli with orange juice all over it, well I climbed up her arm and almost got to her mouth and she said I couldn't have any. So I jumped down onto the floor and then climbed back up onto my settee to climb up her other arm, she still wouldn't give me any saying I wouldn't like it! So I jumped off and ran into the kitchen in disgust.

I did get a piece of fruit toast off her, but that isn't compensation is it?

Why are 2 foots so stingy, I'd share my pellets with her? Well if Jetty would let me!
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Gibberish Talk Again

Morning All,

Does anyone know what a Poork U Pine is, because Mum said I looked like one last night?

Should I be flattered?

Mum said my fur was sticking up all over the place. I had a 15 minute brush last night and this morning when she came down she said I looked like one of them Poork U Pines again.

Why do they talk gibberish so much?
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The Thursday Monster

Every Thursday, a monster comes and eat the contents of our bin, and every other week it eats our bottles, litter and cardboard. I can't believe how much it eats!

Does anybun know who this monster is? we can hear him, but we don't want to go out into the garden fear it sees us to find out what it is.

Jetty xxxxx
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(no subject)

I thought I would tell you Snowy's News. He has become a published journalist.
The RSPCA in Blackpool, where he stayed whilst getting better after wondering about for ages in the wild, are having an open week and trying to promote us house buns to 2 foots. So Snowy volunteered to write an article on being a house bunny for them. They are going to hand out his article to 2 foots and it will have his picture showing on the article too. We are very proud, now both Snowy and Jetty have had their works published.

Love Sooty xxxxxxxxx
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2 Foots Have Weird Ideas of Getting Excited.

We have heard on the radio 2 foots getting excited over something called Risk It For A Biscuit!

Well this is the strange thing, they answer questions and if they get them wrong they get
an arrowroot biscuit and they get all upset, if they get them right they win light up boxes and things like that and seem very excited.

How silly are 2 foots, surely they should be excited by winning biscuits shouldn't they?

I just can't figure them out on this matter.

Love Jetty xxxx
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Its Come Its Come

Our new bunny card board house has come. Course Jetty had to get get on with the alterations straight away inside and make the hole to the upstairs bigger.

My results are back from the blood Uncle Darren stole from my ear. He told Jetty and Snowy Tuesday night when they went for their myxi boosters that I am EC Positive and showing an high reading. Jetty and Snowy have decided that its one for all and all for one and are going to have a month of Panacur too in solidarity.

Anyway I am too busy to worry about the results as Snowy showed himself up last night. He was dashing up and down and round and round and flopped down and rolled over onto his back so he was upside down and showed everybun his bottom then rolled back down again and ran off. Not content with doing it once he did it again in full view of Mum and Dad. I was so embarrased after all the eticat I have taught him. Mum and Dad just started laughing, why do 2 foots find things like that amusing?

Love Sooty xxxxx
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Why Are 2 Foots Slow

We have ordered a new card board house from Mr. Cardboard Man and it hasn't arrived.
It will be a week tomorrow, we are loosing out on valuable playing time.

Why are 2 foots slow at delivering things us bunnies order?

Love Sooty
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Starting to Feel Myself Again

Hi Everybun

Thanks for all your lovely messages. I am feeling better now but a bit puzzled at what Mum and Dad were talking about.

Yesterday, Mum said I must be feeling better because I had a paddy and I hadn't had a paddy for over a week and that I was little miss nosey again and wanting to see what our Snowy was doing and trying to entice him so I could nip his bum.

Now,I had pellets, hay, dandylions and carrot tops before she said that but I didn't eat anything called paddy.

Does anybun know what it is?

Sooty xxxx
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Sooty and Her Visit to Uncle Darren.

Sooty went to see Uncle Darren on Wednesday Evening. Her head was tilting slightly and she wasn't her usual nosey self. Uncle Darren agreed her head was tilting and he put her on her side and she didn't fight him. So he put her on her other side and she corrected him and fought to be upright, so he said there was definate head tilt. Now, she has had problems with statis and head tilt in the past, so, Uncle Darren took (stole in Sooty's words) some blood and said he was sending a sample off to a lab (not sure what this is) he suspects she might be EC Positive but we won't know till it comes back, hopefully he will be wrong. She is most worried because he shaved some fur off her ear and thinks she looks a mess. I tried to style it by licking her ear, but apparently it looks no better according to Sooty. He has given her some antibiotics and a big bottle, which she has to have for 30 days of Pancur, instead of the little dose we have had previously. Next week Snowy and I will be seeing Uncle Darren for our mxyi's so we will know more then, we might also have to have the bottle too istead of the small tube.

Sooty is not eating a great deal but she can manage her treats and dandylions and some hay, and has started to nosey more this morning, so paws crossed she will start feeling better, we want her bossing us about (but don't let on)

If anybun knows of any other food to tempt her to eat better we would be grateful if you could let us know.

Doctors Jetty and Snowy.
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What Do You Think?

Need a bit of advice about our Sooty.

This morning she did a poo which was strung together and measured about 10cm. Mum spotted it in one of our litter trays and took it out and broke it up. It was fur that was stringing it together. Now our Sooty gets brushed every night and loves being brushed too. Is there anything I can recommend to our 2 foots to stop this because they are worried about statis as she does seem to periodically have this?

Any advice will be appreciated.

She is playing around eating and drinking and noseying but our 2 foots take the view prevention is better than cure.


Jetty and Snowy xxx
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